Our Programs

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Registration opens in early January. Stay tuned for our 2020 camp dates!



Kids Camps (Ages 6-12)

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Scamper Camp

Ages 6-7

A 3-day, 2-night introduction to summer camp for our youngest campers!

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Juniors Camp

Ages 8-10

A 5-day, 4-night classic camp experience!

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Intermediates Camp

Ages 10-12

Same as Juniors with a bit more challenge and later bedtimes.

Youth Camps (Ages 13-16)

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Polaris 1

Ages 13-14

A 7-day summer camp experience, with more freedom and an awesome 3-day out-trip!

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Polaris Canoe

Ages 14-16

A 10-day canoe adventure for the outdoorsy teen!

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Polaris 2

Ages 15-16

A 10-day leadership and adventure camp with a 5-day out-trip!

Family Camps

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Mom & Kids Camp

Ages 4-12 + Moms of all kinds

Our most popular camp! Spend a week of quality time with your kid.


Dad & Kids Camp

Ages 4-12 + Dads of all kinds

An amazing weekend session for dads to spend some time with the kids.

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Family Camp

Ages 0-12 + Parents of all kinds

A great weekend for the whole family to spend time together, without worrying about meals or activities!

Adult Camps


Camp Suzuki Adult Program

Ages 19+

Operated in tandem with our kids summer camp, this amazing multi-generational week is led in partnership with the Squamish Nation and the David Suzuki Foundation.