Polaris 2

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The adventure of a lifetime



Summer 2020 dates coming soon!

AGES: 15-16 (co-ed)
COST: $850 + GST

Polaris 2 is the continuation of our teen leadership camps. It steps up the fun and the challenge! During this 10 day program participants will complete a 5 day hiking trip across Gambier Island, catching stunning glimpses of Howe Sound and the Sea to Sky mountains along the way. This five day journey through nature is an exciting challenge, and can be completed by anyone who is excited about the experience, even if this is your first time camping or hiking.

Polaris 2 is a 10 day advanced-leadership program which extends traditional camp programming to include team workshops designed to equip teens to become leaders in their communities. With a focus on the unique environmental history of the Howe Sound, outdoor guiding skills, and increasing self-confidence, Polaris participants will come away with the tools, inspiration, and powerful new relationships to lead within their communities. This learning is only possible alongside traditional camp magic! Participants enjoy everything from kayaking, archery, SUP boarding, outdoor living, leadership challenge initiatives, canoeing, improve games and more, as well as completing a 5-day out-trip!

Polaris 2 is a senior camp experience. Participants will be in a great position to apply as a counsellor when they are 17, or pursue other options farther afield. While this program builds on the foundation of work completed in Polaris 1, Polaris 2 is open to all 15-16 year old youth with an interest in pushing the development of their leadership skills.


Are you 16+ and looking to volunteer?


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Packing List

Food at Camp

Daily Schedule


Checking In/Out

All campers must be signed in & out by their legal guardian, unless we have received written permission in advance.

Boat Departures

Water taxi departures will be posted in advance of the 2020 summer season.


Polaris 2 campers will be staying in Sibley Tents while they are at camp.

While on their out trip they will stay in tents or under tarps that are supplied by Fircom. All accommodations will be gender separated.

Unanswered questions?

Check out our FAQ section or email us at info@fircom.ca


Camp Fircom continues to be the highlight of my son's summer.  I would highly recommend Fircom to everyone!

- Summer Camp Parent, 2018