Creating Communities of Belonging

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Located on Gambier Island in British Columbia, Canada, Camp Fircom curates outdoor programming that focuses on providing unique experiences to participants. We celebrate the outdoors and an outdoor lifestyle and encourage participants to find time to relax in the fresh air of our 120-acre waterfront property.


Summer Camps

We host camp programs for kids, youth and families. Campers get to experience off-grid, sustainable living while learning a variety of sports, games, crafts, songs and water activities. It’s living the good life!


We love to help others build memorable experiences for their community. We sustain our charitable activities through hosting corporate retreats, weddings, youth groups, and other events on our beautiful property.

Work With us

If you’re keen on living sustainably and helping others learn how, then you should get involved with us at Camp Fircom. We often offer employment and volunteering opportunities, or you can participate in fundraising events.


Join Our Community

Come join our community on beautiful Gambier Island and see how you can grow too!

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Camp Fircom Latest News


 I had such a wonderful time. The staff was awesome and the location was beautiful. I can not speak highly enough of the food!! It was so delicious and wholesome.

- Stephanie Broder