Who we Are

Margo Dunnet - Executive Director Camp Fircom

Executive Director
Margo Dunnet

Margo was promoted to the role of Executive Director in 2016 and has been with Fircom since 2010. She has a background in non-profit management and a Bachelor's of Communication from SFU. Margo ran the Rentals Department hosting many groups over the years. In her new role, Margo is most excited about bringing forth the mission of camp and enhancing opportunities for healing and growth while deepening the sense of community.

Matt Young - Facilities manager at Camp Fircom

Facilities Manager
Matt Young

Matt, a seasoned Fircomite, started volunteering back in 2011. Matt worked for two years as Fircom's full time Assistant Facilities Manager and took on the Manager role in 2018. Matt is the keeper of knowledge, he knows pretty much everything about Fircom and this part of the island.

Ana-Luz Cobon - Food services and farm manager

Food Services and Farm Manager
Ana-Luz Cobon

Ana-Luz Cobon joined our team in 2011 and is very passionate about bringing food, farming and people together. She graduated high school with various culinary scholarships and pursued studies at Vancouver Community College. After graduating in 2006, she worked at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel in pastry for three years.  She then worked at the Tomato Fresh Food Café in Vancouver. Ana-Luz studied Permaculture Site Design and Sustainable Agriculture at the UBC Farm and participated in other urban farming courses. This fanned the flames of her passion for eating and cooking real, wholesome food. At Camp Fircom, she is responsible for making delicious, healthy meals and developing a high-end camp menu and banquet catering menu.

Marissa Gilmour - Summer Camp & Outdoor School Manager

Summer Camp & Outdoor School Manager
Marissa Gilmour

Marissa Gilmour grew up going to summer camp every year in the foothills outside of Calgary and developed an enthusiasm for the outdoors and loves it all – from hiking, to paddling, to simply sitting and breathing in the sights and sounds of the forest.  A graduate of Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic, Marissa also led counsellor trainings for the Outdoor Orientation Program. She has also taught at a sea-kayaking summer camp in Portland, Maine, and was a Naturalist at an outdoor school in Stanislaus County in California. 

Before joining Camp Fircom in 2018, Marissa was the Director of the Leaders in Training program at Camp Chief Hector in Alberta. She aspires to create the kinds of experiences that she treasured in her youth, and is excited to bring her knowledge and love of summer camp to Fircom. 

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Rentals Manager

Camp Fircom is currently looking for a new Rentals Manager to join our team. Head over to our Join Us page to read the job description.

Bruce Haines - Assistant Facilities Manager at Camp Fircom

Assistant Facilities Manager
Bruce Haines

Bruce is the Robin to Matt’s Batman. Bruce is a resident jack-of-all-trades: beekeeper, bike mechanic, banjo player. He’s happy to lend a hand where you need it and will be working diligently around the clock to ensure that camp purrs like the truck’s engine.

Rowan Gentleman-Sylvester - Admin Assistant at Camp Fircom

Admin Assistant
Rowan Gentleman-Sylvester

Rowan joined the Camp Fircom team in the fall of 2017. Based in the Vancouver office, she handles the registration of campers and families in all Fircom programs. Having grown up going to summer camp, she knows how magical it can be. Rowan is passionate about place-based learning and the power of dialogue in education. She was born and raised in East Vancouver and since graduating high school has been pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication at Simon Fraser University. She brings extensive experience in customer service and a love of the natural world to the Camp Fircom team. Rowan is based in Fircom's Vancouver office year-round.