Facilities & Activities


Fircom has a capacity of 50-80 guests in the winter, 150 in the fall/early spring and 180 guests in the summer. Call or email us today to discuss dates, pricing and a tour.


Wedding Hall Field

The Main Field

The heart of camp - the main field is a central gathering place. Perfect for games, large group activities, and just lounging in the sun. The main field it located in from front of Jubilee Hall and looks onto the Howe Sound and the North Shore mountains. The large, flat field works great for large groups (up to 200 people). Power cords can be run out from Jubilee Hall for sound systems.

The Dining Hall Field

The Dining Hall Field

The Dining Hall Field is across the stream from the Main Field. The tall trees on the east and west sides of the field offer soothing afternoon shade which can be a blessing on a hot summer day. The close proximity to the Dining Hall is perfect for activities scheduled right before or after meals.

Jubilee Hall

Jubilee Hall

Jubilee Hall is a heritage building erected in 1935 and it was was completely renovated in 2010. It has one large and one small room making it the perfect spot for creating separate programming options for different age/activity groups. A huge stone fireplace gives this building a rustic log-cabin charm. The lower level of the building houses the shower/washroom blocks and our first aid room.

Wedding dining hall

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall was built in 2013 with beautiful wood beam ceiling, skylights, and wrap around windows for plenty of light and gorgeous views of the woods and ocean. The Dining Hall can hold 200 people for a seated dinner. Food is served buffet style for most groups. This space can also be used for meetings, art & crafts, workshops, and more.

Wedding breezeway

The Breezeway

Attached to the back end of the Dining Hall, the Breezeway is a large undercover space which serves as a perfect spot for breakout groups, presentations, dancing, and campfires! The Breezeway features a large outdoor fireplace and has plenty of room to set up different spaces for work and play.

Outdoor wedding chapel

The Sanctuary

Winding down a short narrow path through the woods guests will find themselves entering our outdoor sanctuary. Multipurpose wooden benches (designed and built by UBC architecture students) ground this serene wooded clearing. Perfect for workshops, breakout groups, and small presentations outdoors.

The Benches

The Benches

Overlooking the Howe Sound, tucked at the end of a short path, is a beautiful terraced bluff called simply, The Benches. This small spot suits groups of 50 people or less. This is also an idyllic spot to have a quiet meeting away from the bustle of central camp.

The wedding paviljon

The Pavilion

Overlooking Canoe Cove and the waters of Halkett Bay, the open air Pavilion was built in 2013. This 2,800 sq ft Pavilion has gorgeous cedar wood interiors with open views on all sides. This is the perfect spot for rainy day activities, and can accommodate large groups (up to 150 people). The grassy promontory next to the Pavilion looks over Halkett bay and Canoe Cove.




Fircom is proud to offer a wide variety of family-friendly and fun camp activities to all. Rental groups should inform us of any particular activities they would like to add to their visit; additional staffing fees may apply.


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Canoe Cove is the perfect spot for swimming, SUP boarding, kayaking, and canoeing under the watchful eye of our lifeguards.

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Outdoor Skills

Learn how to start a fire, tie knots, and build a shelter from our talented and outdoorsy staff. Fircom also offers an outdoor cooking session where visitors can learn to cook farm produce on camp stoves!

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Built in 2017, the archery structure provides shade for those interested in playing around with bows and arrows.

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Fircom Farm

Home to the Fircom chickens! Plant some flowers, harvest some veggies, and maybe learn a little about composting - you never know what kind of adventure awaits in the Fircom Farm.

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Arts & Crafts

Whether you’re carving something from soapstone, tie-dyeing a t-shirt, or designing a leather bracelet, we’ve got you covered.



Camp Fircom is surrounded by incredible hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Take the 10 minute walk to the lower lookout, or the 30 minute hike to Halkett Bay. Feeling ambitious? Why not climb Mount Artaban!