Wedding Season Begins!

Wedding3 (1).jpg

On May 10th Camp Fircom’s rentals team kicked the season into high gear with the first wedding of the year! 2019 is a special year at Fircom as we’re hosting a total of fourteen weddings throughout the next few months.

These beautiful weekend events celebrate love and family - two things that Fircom deeply values.

All Fircom weddings begin on a Friday with the arrival of the wedding couple and some select friends who set up decorations and put out flowers. The remaining guests arrive later by water taxi throughout the evening, often enjoying games, a campfire, and a delicious meal together.

The Saturday is a fun day of activities and preparation. In the afternoon the happy couple tie in the knot in an oceanside or forest-based ceremony. The party goes on well into the night with dancing and sometimes a late night dessert!

On Sunday, the couple, their friends and family all pack up and head home - happy to have spent such a lovely time together.

Weddings are just one of the many ways in which Fircom is dedicated to fostering communities of belonging. We hope that each and every wedding is an experience that not only the couple, but all guests can take with them and grow on.

Photos courtesy of Marcella Battista

Admin Assistant