Dad and Kids Camp

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This June teach your kids how to make a fire, roast a marshmallow and learn their favorite campfire song. A stress free camping trip with all meals included at a fantastic price!



Summer 2020 dates coming soon!

AGES: Kids ages 4-12 + Dads of all kinds
COST: Adults: $250 + GST
First Child: $165 + GST
Second Child: $145 + GST

Craigcroft Add-on: $50 - add to Adult participants only.

All About Quality Time!

A weekend at Camp Fircom gives dads an opportunity to connect with their children and enjoy a variety of fun programs on offer. Dad & Kids Camp is a blend of structure and choice, giving you a chance to play, relax, discover learn and share with other dads.

After arriving and settling into your accommodation Friday evening, you'll have time to get to know your fellow families before opening the weekend with a delicious dinner. Afterwards enjoy games, campfire and snacks. Late night programs offer dads & kids options to unwind as they choose.

Saturday morning you can participate in morning reflection and/or take a dip in the ocean before enjoying a fantastic breakfast. The morning and afternoon program sessions will feature a variety of options suitable for a wide age-range. Younger children will need to be accompanied by their parents to their age-appropriate program options; however, older kids and parents can choose to participate on their own, or with their family, in other sessions. Plus, if you want to have some free time to nap or hang-out as a family, you can do that too as none of the session options are mandatory!

Sunday morning we will slow down the pace and enjoy more unstructured time, followed by a camp wide extravaganza. Past years have included events like the car rally, family relay, or constructing catapults for an egg launching competition. Alternatively, families that would like to head out on a hike can join a guided group or explore solo as well. All families will pack up before lunch and finish off the weekend with a final shared meal.

The real magic of dad and kids is about relishing an entire weekend uninterrupted by phones, chores, tasks and obligation. The only commitment is to savour the weekend and the opportunity for connection it provides. Uncles, grandpas, and all male caregivers are all welcome.


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Packing List

Sample Schedule

Tuck Shop

Food at Camp

Getting to/From camp

Horseshoe Bay Public Dock

Camp Fircom staff will sign you in at the park near the Horseshoe Bay Public Dock.

Boat Departures

Summer 2020 departure times coming soon.

The water taxi crossing takes approximately 25 minutes but there can be delays with loading, winds, etc.

Sometimes it can take some time to load to boats so please be patient with us as we get everyone to and from camp safely.


We highly recommend taking public transit or being dropped off in Horseshoe Bay to avoid the hassle of finding parking. If you need to park, the following lots are available:

  • Lions Tiddlycove Parking ($10/day): This parking lot is a 25 min walk from the Horseshoe Bay Public Dock up under the highway.

  • BC Ferries Parking ($16/day): This parking lot is centrally located in Horseshoe Bay village but can quickly fill up on weekends.


When you register for Dad & Kids Camp you have the option to select Cabins or Sibley Tents at no additional charge. Our dormitory style accommodation called Craigcroft costs an additional fee of $50.

Learn more about Camp Fircom’s accommodations here.

Unanswered questions?

Check out our FAQ section or email us at


The setting is gorgeous; the staff are warm and friendly; the water is spectacular; and Camp Fircom has the best food and farm around.  I believe in Camp Fircom.

- Dad & Kids Camper, 2018