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A safe and incredible introduction to the joys of summer camp!


Session 1: Mon Jul 15 - Wed Jul 17, 2019
Session 2: Mon Jul 29 - Wed Jul 29, 2019
AGES: Children age 6-7
COST: Scamper: $275 + GST

Fully immersed in our imaginations

From the get-go, your scamper will be safe, supported and having age-specific fun rooted in wonder, imagination & story! Our goal during this 3 day Monday to Wednesday adventure is to help your scamper transition from parent-supported fun to independent, confident and thoughtful adventure. 

In modified program blocks (just 45 minutes compared to the standard 1-2 hours for kids camp), Scampers will enjoy activities that get their imaginations racing! With each day following a new theme—from “Animals Wild!” to “The Big & The Small”, Scampers will explore camp, get dirty, and engage through story and self-directed learning. Starting each day in the “Scamper Home Base”, each day begins with a story that kicks off the day’s theme which leads into arts & crafts and helps shape their daily adventure to different areas of camp for brand-new activities ranging from: fairy-houses & forest exploration to baking cookies, writing songs, beach exploration, waterfront play and arts & crafts.

Scampers will also be offered healthy snacks more frequently and more “BOB” rest time (“Bodies on Bunks”) to rest and recharge. For kids who prefer not to nap during this time, we’ll have quiet story time and quite craft time in the shade. Scampers are also integrated with big kids camp! They will share meal times, morning circle programming and some other spaces around camp with campers ages 8-16. Since scampers retire to bed earlier than the ‘big kids’, they will also have their own special campfire on Tuesday night.



The Scamper home base is Craigcroft, our dormitory style accommodation. Counsellors and volunteers help each child transition into bed and sleep just down the hall to ensure they can provide anything a child needs during the night. The living room is transformed into the home base of the program and allows Scampers to have a space away from the noise of Summer Camp to come together and play.

Let the adventure begin!

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I had such a wonderful time. The staff was awesome and the location was beautiful. I can not speak highly enough of the food!! It was so delicious and wholesome.

- Stephanie Broder